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Ch. Bajuncats Gretel

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Maine Coon female

Born: 02.11.2006

Color: black tabby (n 22)

Greta - our first Maine Coon cat, she is the founder of the cattery.

Greta - a pioneer in everything. The first exhibition, the first Maine Coon kittens - that it all happened in our cattery for the first time with Greta.

In our house, Greta, of course, the most important. She has a great muzzle, the correct set ears, a long, well-furred tail, gorgeous, flowing coat very good texture. At home we call her mother. Without it does not do any one thing in the house. She is always aware of everything that happens. As the eldest cat at home, Greta takes an active part in the education of kittens, as well as all other members of our small family.

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Ch Bella Bear Blackwood's

maine coon female

Maine Coon female

Born: 20.11.2013

Color: black blotched tortie with white (f 22 03) (f 22 03)

When we first saw Bella Bear, we fell in love with her at first sight. The Misha gorgeous cat, she have the magnificent proportions of the body, long legs, high set ears, decorated with thick brushes that make Bella Bear  a real Maine-Coon. Every day we likes Bella Bear  more and more. Thank you Ira (cattery Blackwood's) for that beautiful child!

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GICh Lioncoon Henry

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Maine Coon male

Born: 13.07.2007

Color: black blotched with white (MCO n 22 03)

The Maine Coon male Henry has arrived to us from cattery Lioncoon. When we first met we were surprised by his huge ears and incredibly long hind legs. He was so like a little rabbit that the house we started to call him so. Our Henry has a very strong body and, he's body have  right proportions. The Henry had a very bright marble figure in harmonious combination with white. Henry - naughty boy, can not tolerate loneliness. He always wants to be the center of attention. However, our boy  is very even-tempered and good-natured. He is a real Maine-Coon!

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Ch. Bubble King Size

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Maine Coon female

Born: 29.06.2008

Color: black tabby with white (n 22 03)

Bubble the Maine Coon female of our breeding. She took from her parents only the best. She has large, high-set ears, pronounced filled muzzle, a strong chin, muscular body with long legs. From birth, the Bubble showed leadership qualities and demonstrated a real mainecoon character. Bubble cheerleader in our small family. And if something happened in the house - it's Bubble! But, despite this, she is our favorite!

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